About Renting In Italy - An Italian vacation rental agency for your villa or apartment rental in Italy.

This section is intended to introduce our agency and to explain our philosophy and services - you may also wish to take a look at our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page and the help page.

Renting In Italy are a Registered Limited Company, inscribed as a licensed Travel Agency at the Florence Chamber of Commerce with number P.IVA 05144650487. We specialise in renting holiday accommodation, offering a select range of large and small sized apartments and villas. We represent more than 125 selected private owners.

The company is headed by Dr. Cristiano Castellani (view a photo and biography here) who is fully involved with the day to day running of the agency. It is he who visits and describes the properties, and it may well be he who responds to your enquiries in person. Contact us here.

Renting In Italy (Rii) strive not to be yet another faceless rental agency. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or requests - we make it our aim to respond to messages within 8 working hours of receiving them, even in the unlikely event that we're unable to help (contact us here). In addition to arranging your Italian vacation rental, we are also able to offer additional services, such as making museum and restaurant bookings and arranging courses like cookery or photography lessons.

The internet has made many things a lot easier for the holiday traveller, but the removal of borders has created some oddities. It is not unheard of for, let's say, a US customer to book an Italian property through a British Agency who will invoice in Euro yet require payment in Sterling. We are based here in Italy, this site was created and is maintained in Italy, and we know our area well. We'll be here to assist you in planning your holiday, but we'll also be here with you should anything go wrong. Like we say on page one ...

'Selected properties from a selective agency. We know our homes well - look for the 'insiders view' on each page - and we will do our utmost to ensure that your vacation in Italy is a carefree and memorable one. We are based in the heart of Tuscany, and feature a wide range of accommodation across this beautiful land.'

Rii will endeavour to keep information on this site up to date and accurate, particularly with regard to prices and services/facilities available. To this end we have an ongoing policy of property inspection to ensure that the properties and their services match accurately their descriptions on this site. We also work closely with the owners to ensure that they are totally responsible for the published information.

We will remove from the site all properties that fail to match up to our criteria, and we will provide a detailed survey form that clients may use to 'grade' the accommodation and make their own observations.

We apply our own 'property inspection form' to all properties on the site; this is an exhaustive analysis and you may view a copy of the criteria here.

To view our Booking Terms and Conditions, please go here, and to find out how to make a booking, please go here.

We look forward to helping you with planning your perfect Italian holiday. Renting In Italy.