Help page for finding your Italian villa or apartment rental on our site.

This section is intended to assist you with any problems you may be having in navigating and using our site - you may also wish to take a look at our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page, our Booking Terms and Conditions page, our 'how to book' page, and the 'About us' page.

The front page of our site features links to the various areas of Italy in which we have rental properties; this is a young web site and as yet does not feature our full catalogue - as such certain areas are not yet represented fully.

Once you've selected your area of interest you'll be presented with a complete list of relevant properties, along with a thumbnail photograph and a brief description of the accommodation. Simply click on the thumbnail photograph or the property name to view your choice. Each property has an initial description page featuring one medium sized photograph and four thumbnail shots - just click on these to view larger versions in pop-up windows. For this and other aspects of the site JavaScript functionality is required, and, whilst we're being technical, you may encounter problems if your browser is not accepting cookies.

You'll also see a link to additional photograph pages and maps, as well as a link to an enlarged and fully printable property description page. We prefer not to specify exact prices in order to offer extra flexibility on, for example, last-minute offers. However, we have classified accommodation into three broad (EURO) groups: Price Band 1 is up to around €1500, Band 2 from €1500 to around €3000, and Band 3 from €3000 upwards.

Our 'suitcase' feature enables you to have a good look around the site and select a range of properties that interest you. Just click the 'add to suitcase' link that you'll see at the bottom of the page and, when you're done, click 'view suitcase', enter your message and send it off. Should you wish to send a different message to one group of properties and something else again to another group (different dates, for example), then that's not a problem - simply select/deselect the relevant properties by ticking/unticking them in your suitcase and off you go!

Should you already have a clear idea of your needs, you may prefer to use our accommodation search page, where you can specify the size of your group, the type of accommodation, the price band and so on.

If you're really having problems, or if you have any suggestions to make regarding the usability of the site, then please do let us know.