About Renting In Italy - An Italian vacation rental agency for your villa or apartment rental in Italy.
Renting In Italy - terms and conditions.

Below are details on booking conditions, deposits, cancellation policy and contractual details. Please do take time to read them and contact us should you have any queries or require any clarification.


Bookings may be made by downloading (from this page) and completing our booking form. This form, once completed, may be sent off via email or by fax, and you will shortly receive an official confirmation of your booking request.

Within 7 days of this confirmation a deposit of 30% is required, the balance to be paid 7 weeks prior to the commencement date of your booking. Payment may be effected either by bank transfer or credit card. Payment procedure and method may vary from property to property. However, there is no need to concern yourself with this at this time - all relevant details will be explained in our initial reply. Please note that if the booking is made within 49 days of the commencement of your booking then a full 100% payment will be necessary.

Once the initial payment has been made your booking will be considered officially confirmed by Renting In Italy (RiI) and you will be sent a booking voucher. The voucher will display the name of the property, date of arrival, date of departure, number of guests and type of accommodation. Together with the voucher you will also be sent instructions on how to find your accommodation. You will need to keep a copy of the voucher to present to the owner/keyholder upon your arrival - without the voucher the owner/keyholder reserve the right to refuse handing over of the keys.

Any specific requests (adjacent rooms, rooms with a view, etc.) MUST be made on the booking form.

For the avoidance of doubt "Bookings" are made in relation to holiday accommodation only and do not include any flights, transport or transfers to the Property or any other travel arrangements to and from the Property which you must arrange for yourself. RiI accepts no responsibility for any travel arrangements made by you or on your behalf.


The rental price includes gas/propane and electricity UNLESS INDICATED OTHERWISE. Central heating costs outside authorised times of year are an additional charge. In some cases there may well be a final cleaning charge - the amount will be specified in the booking conditions for the relevant property and will be added to the rental charge.

Any additional service charges such as daily cleaning, extra weekly cleaning, extra laundry changes, etc., will be required to be paid on site.


RentingInItaly S.r.l and its representatives strongly encourage you to buy travel insurance at the time of booking to compensate you in the event you must cancel and forfeit funds. You may purchase such insurance from your own broker.


Guests must arrive between 15.00 and 19.00 hours and depart before 09.30 hours. If an emergency means arrival within these hours is not feasible then a phone call MUST be made as soon as is possible to the number specified on your booking voucher.

If guests are unable to arrive on the day and hour specified due to travel difficulties, strikes or personal reasons, then Renting In Italy are not obliged to refund monies. This is also the case should guests need to leave before the specified departure date.


Bookings may be cancelled at any time via email or fax - the 30% deposit is automatically forfeited by cancelling. If the cancelled period is subsequently rebooked by another party then Renting In Italy will refund the forfeited deposit, less any bank charges incurred.

If cancellations are made within 49 days of the due commencement of the booking then Renting In Italy are not obliged to refund any monies whatsoever.


When you arrive and take possession of the keys you will be required to pay the security deposit (in € Euro, no cards accepted) at that time - this amount will be specified on your booking voucher.

The number of people using the accommodation must not exceed that specified in the contract. The owner/keyholder is perfectly entitled to refuse entry to numbers over and above that specified.

Renters are obliged to respect all local rules and regulations and to comport themselves with respect for the environment and neighbours/fellow guests. The washing of cutlery and crockery, kitchen equipment and the kitchen area is the responsibility of the renter and is not included in the final cleaning.

The security deposit is intended to cover any damages and breakage's over and above normal day-to-day usage. It will be refunded entirely at departure time on the condition that the property and its contents do not display any immediate signs of having being damaged.


If, upon arrival, or at any point during your stay you feel that your accommodation differs from what you imagined then please take this up with the owner/keyholder. Any complaints regarding a property should be discussed directly with the owners or their representatives during the rental period. Complaints lodged at the end of or after the rental period will not be taken into consideration. To quote from our 'About Us' page:

"Rii will endeavour to keep information on this site up to date and accurate, particularly with regard to prices and services/facilities available. To this end we have an ongoing policy of property inspection to ensure that the properties and their services match accurately their descriptions on this site. We also work closely with the owners to ensure that they are totally responsible for the published information."

We would remind you then that Renting In Italy hold no responsibility in cases where your accommodation is considered to be different to the description found on this web site - this is ultimately the responsibility of the owner.

In the case of there being a difference between the accommodation cited on your booking voucher and the accommodation you find upon arrival, then Renting In Italy will substitute this with a property of equivalent value. If this is not possible, due to reasons of availability or a refusal (with valid reasons) on your part to accept the alternative, the Renting In Italy will refund the entire rental payment.

Renting In Italy will not accept any responsibility for any of the following:

1. Negligence or failure of third-party services.

2. Force-Majeure, or any occurrences that neither renting In Italy nor its representatives could foresee, in spite of reasonable diligence. In these conditions force majeure shall include but shall not be limited to war, or threat of war, natural disasters, terrorist activity, threatened or actual, civil or political unrest, military intervention, closure of ports or airports, industrial action threatened or actual, fire, flood, earthquake, lightning strikes, hurricane, tornado, technical problems of transport or any other circumstances beyond RiI's control.

3. Theft of property or belongings from the rented accommodation.


In case of disagreements concerning booking and letting, Italian law only is applicable and only the Courts of Law in Florence are competent to deal with the matter. By passing the booking and by signing the booking form the client implies that he has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. If some of the conditions of this contract were not valid or become invalid, or if a gap appears, the validity of the remaining conditions cannot be questioned.