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Dear Cris and also Lisa, because you both helped us quite a bit--

THANK YOU, Cris, for suggesting Villa Calcinaia. They loved it - was cold the first night but the people called the next day and had someone out to fix the pipes and all was well. The heat was good after that.

Signora Paola and her husband were away in Nepal ( I think that's what they told me) and our people L-O-V-E-D their replacement, the Daughter named Victoria. "She was so sweet, so caring, so beautiful, so helpful..." I'm not exagerating... they couldn't say enough about her.

The dinner the first night was magnificent. Appetizer of Liver Pate, wonderful Chicken in Tuscan style, with vegetables, fresh rolls, etc and Tiramasu for desert that was "out of this world". They ate downstairs in the main dining room. Lovely.

Victoria went in with them to Florence for part of a day and got them oriented and met them in a blizzard snow storm when they came back to La Signa by train. The roads were horrible. They WERE THANKING THEIR LUCKY STARS THAT YOU SUGGESTED THE VILLA NEAR FLORENCE AS IT WAS EVEN MORE DEADLY TO THE SOUTH. They said that nobody knows how to deal with snow when it is not expected.

They visited Siena and San Gimignano but because of thesnow, had to turn back after two hours of fighting the roads and not seeing so no Montepulciano.

They all want to go back! So,I am saying Multo bene grazie to you . NOW I WANT HUNDREDS OF TRAVELERS SO THAT I CAN SEND THEM TO RII, CRIS, LISA AND...MANFREDI.

Please know that as soon as I have some people for villas in Italy, I will contact you. Maybe even Villa Turco the next time, yes?

Until then, best wishes to you for a good year in the vineyards and good business with only very pleasant tourists! Norrine Waller

We rented Villa Calcinaia  outside of Florence on via Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence. We loved Paola.  She was very accommodating.  

We left Rome much later then expected and were unable to find the Villa in the middle of the night - we had to wait until morning to call and have Paola meet us. A diagram and more detailed directions would have been appreciated.

The landscaping around the Villa was beautiful as were the views.  It snowed why we were there - and we found ourselves without proper clothing, and the main room cooler then our liking.  Our bedroom heat was fine. We enjoyed the four bedrooms, each with their own bath. The nearby restaurant was great. Food was delicious. We would rent the Villa again - thank you, Yvonne B.

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